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An Act of Resistance

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Caring for yourself is an act of resistance.6.23.20@_WILLPOWER_

Our bodies, our minds, our spirits, and resources have been commercialized and sold the world over. We can look in popular culture to see that the Black culture (art and intellect) is cherry picked for consumption. Corn rows become boxer braids, music displaying our burdens and joys on the tips of everyone’s lips; but access to basic human rights are blocked and seen as a break in the status quo

In recent months many of us have been looking for ways to resist or contribute to current civil protest. I would like you to consider self-care the act of caring for yourself as an act of resistance. In a climate where there is a need to declare Black Lives Matter! Taking care and account for your life is an important facet of resistance and can be a tool in decreasing the impact of oppression.

To care for yourself requires you to first BE and sit with who you are. The selfcare will pull us into the doing phase. Even in the midst of 2020 quarantine and social distancing many of us are rushing to do something. In all of these acts we may be missing the point of caring for self. This piece encourages us to look at self-care as a tool to resist that which holds us back from our authentic self. Resisting the urge to do, buy, build, create, acquire or put in cart. Then we can sit in the opportunity to simply BE.

Imagine what wellness looks life in all areas of your life. Financially well, spiritually well, mentally well, physically well, vocationally well. What will you be? How will you look? How will you show up for yourself and those who you are in relationship with? Are there some relationships, communities, and systems that you may not need to be a part of? Are you begging for acceptance and a right to humanity and worth? By exploring the art of being the resistance of caring for one’s self and needs outside of others perceptions and demands can guide us to caring for ourselves. In caring for ourselves we can care for our core needs. Self-care is a platform to building a life of resistance from oppression. Self-care pushes us from being for others and being with SELF. To be well, to be whole, to auto correct if it wasn’t dominant culture wouldn’t consistently send us messages to do produce and acquire instead of BE.

Self-Care as an act of resistance

How to do this: Asking the questions...

1. Am I WELL? 2. Who am I?

3. What do I need?

4. When should I rest?

5. What matters to me?

6. What practices hinder me from caring for myself?

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