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Journey To Freedom

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I am a healer a social worker the daughter of women who helped and added value to their community. I am a self-care coach. I advocate and encourage women through conversations about the legitimacy of caring for themselves and reaching from within to heal themselves.

I found my need for self-care when I was in a place of not being well some may call it broken this but the story does not in there. The testimony is that by prayer, digging deep within myself connecting with those around me who were for me and doing the inner work I was able to press towards the mark. Today my life is filled with love, travel, food, self-love, self-care. I am embracing the one body I have for this lifetime. I am challenging my own inner thoughts, and acknowledging where I need to reroute my thinking. Self-care for me is of journey to freedom. If you would like to learn more about how to create your own self-care plan reach out and journey with me. I encourage you to learn how self-care works best for you. Our bodies are our biggest commodity we only get one. It carries the one life we have to live this lifetime. Self-care can assist us in optimizing both.

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